Paul James DiPasquale (b. 1980 Rochester, NY) is a photographer who loves music, road trips, and anything mechanical.

For over ten years, he has created his work with traditional black and white film from Ilford and Kodak (mostly Delta 100 and T-MAX 400). The negatives are processed and scanned by Indie Film Lab in Montgomery, Alabama.

He has a deep interest in the American West and Southwest and has taken steps to travel out west each summer. For the project entitled The Beginning of the Old Road, he traveled to Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska. 

His portrait work, under the title A Familiar Place, focuses on youth and adolescence reconnecting with nature in a time where too many people are lost on phones. The portraits hope to portray a sense of family bonds, a peace with nature while at the same time a longing for something more. 

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