Paul James DiPasquale 

Paul James DiPasquale (b. 1980 Rochester, NY) is a photographer based in New England. 

He is currently working on two on-going projects. One is a portraiture project that focuses on youth and adolescence rejecting the impermanence of the digital age.  The other is a landscape project of the American West entitled The Beginning of the Old Road

He creates all of his work with traditional black and white film. 


Years: 2016 - Present. A collection of portraits of youth and adolescence (re)connecting with the outdoors and rejecting the impermanence of today's digital world. Mostly photographed on medium format film.  

The Beginning of the Old Road 

Years: 2016-Present. A collection of photographs of the American West as it looks the beginning of the 21st Century. Photographs made on both 35mm and medium format film in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nevada, and Nebraska.  

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